Jasmine Joda, Class of May 2015

  • Gies College of Business
Photo of graduate, Jasmine Joda

How will you make an impact?.

I started out at the University of Illinois in the College of Business, and it did not take long to hone in on an Accountancy major as a great fit. In my first year, I became involved in Business Council, an organization of passionate people that helped me develop leadership skills and values that set a positive tone for my college career. I began to ask: “How do I want to make an impact here? What do I want to leave behind?” By my second year, I had joined the Executive Board and began engaging in various organizations across campus. I served as the Chairmen of the Council of Presidents, President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, and a student instructor for Business 101: An Introduction to Professional Responsibility. My involvement in these opportunities shaped why I loved college so much. I met new people, learned from mentors, and defined my values.

Networking was key to finding my current position. I am working at Accenture as a Management Consulting Analyst. I am excited about this role because it offers broad experiences and opportunities to develop logistics skills. I’m also exploring ways that I can make an impact at my firm and in my new community. I have had many great mentors in my life, and I look forward to helping the next person behind me.

I encourage current Illinois students to get involved – find an organization that can become your home away from home. It’s cool to be part of something bigger than yourself, to help out, be around likeminded people, and figure out what you’re interested in. Be open to exploring and changing your mind, and don’t be afraid to go outside the status quo. When you try new things you get to meet people who introduce you to new opportunities.

(Last updated: March 2016)