My journey at the University of Illinois began with a blend of agriculture, consumer sciences and finance, coupled with a minor in informatics. The university's proximity to home and the welcoming atmosphere of the College of ACES made it an ideal choice for my undergraduate studies. 

Engaging in various organizations and activities enriched my college experience. From joining the Financial Planning RSO to participating in the ACES Ambassador program, I seized opportunities to explore my interests and give back to the campus community. Additionally, my involvement in Greek life, particularly as a member of Kappa Gamma, provided valuable leadership and philanthropic experiences. 

Guidance from my advisor, Caroline Helton, and insightful classes with Professor Paul Stoddard played instrumental roles in shaping my academic journey. Their mentorship and the practical life skills I gained from their classes were invaluable. 

While initially envisioning a career in smaller family practices, my perspective shifted during junior year when I added a minor in informatics. This decision opened doors to opportunities in larger firms, eventually leading me to a position as a business processes consulting associate at Price Waterhouse Coopers in Chicago. My minor in informatics prepared me for the IT aspects of my role, complementing my background in financial planning. 

At Price Waterhouse Coopers, I've embraced the firm's commitment to philanthropy and community engagement. Drawing on my experiences in my sorority, I've continued to contribute to philanthropic initiatives while building a strong professional network. Engaging with the women's inclusion network and attending events like book clubs has further enriched my experience, allowing me to connect with like-minded professionals in the field of business and technology. 

To current students, I encourage exploration and curiosity. Attend informational sessions, talk to peers and professors, and explore opportunities that spark your interest. Embrace new experiences and don't hesitate to step out of your comfort zone. You never know where each opportunity might lead you or what passions you might discover along the way.